Caring with dignity. Educating with purpose. Living with community.

The Gathering Together offers a home for our community in all stages of life to support a dignified environment for the terminally ill and their loved ones. The home is the center for education to caregivers and community members at large to narrow the gap between generations in understanding the process of living until the end of life.

About us

The Gathering Together provides relief for poor, distressed and under-equipped individuals and families by offering shelter, care, nurturing and support for end-of-life guests and their families at no charge. We help the dying gain peace and help caregivers with the assistance they need to continue to engage with and care for their loved ones when decline in health increases the difficulty and demand on families that they often do not feel equipped to handle.

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Get Involved

Volunteer at The Gathering Together or take a class and participate with your community. Any way you can engage with us will help out. We welcome volunteers to help with our ever changing needs. If you are interested in joining our family of volunteers, or would like further information, please read on.

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