A Message From Rita

Dear Friends,

Just came in from looking at the garden and the heat was oppressive.

But as I say that, I have to chuckle, because I know it wasn’t all that long ago that I was wishing winter would give way to warmer weather and dazzling flowers. Now I’m thinking about autumn, and I’m sure I’ll miss these late-evening sunsets as I’m watching leaves fall.

Life is funny that way. We’re surrounded by joy and beauty, but we can’t wait to get to whatever is next … and once we’re there, we’re nostalgic for what we just left behind. Remember being a kid and not being able to wait to grow up? How much would you be willing to pay for just one more hour as a nine-year-old?

When we talk with many of the guests we’re privileged to serve, they tell us stories of their lives. Of their happiest moments and their deepest disappointments. But they’re rarely sad, because they’ve come to understand that those memories are gifts of a sort that they’d never trade. And they truly feel fortunate being able to share their last days with those they love.

You make that happen. Your kind donations help us provide a place where memories flow and moments are cherished. Your generous support means The Gathering Together is here to provide a place of peace and comfort.

And as we watch the sun set just a little earlier each day, we’ll think about how you’ve made this summer a sweeter memory for people you may not have known. May the rest of this summer fill your life with sunlight, joy, and promise.

Blessings, Rita