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What we’re all about

Rita Fiorentino traveled from San Francisco with a vision—a vision that manifested itself in 2002 when she founded The Gathering Together in Plainfield, Indiana.

A loved one’s decline in health always presents challenges, and sometimes it creates demands that families do not feel prepared to handle. That’s where The Gathering Together comes in.

We provide care, nurturing and support for end-of-life guests and their families, bringing peace and assistance throughout a turbulent period. Our services come free of charge.

We also host numerous community involvement activities, including craft workshops, classes, gardening and support and bereavement groups.


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Taking a step in the right direction

As we grow, our plan is to strategically invest in the following areas to create the most community impact.


We’re investing in diversified care

  • to expand our network of bedside caregivers
  • to acquire neccesary medical resources

We’re investing in community education

  • to inform community partners of The Gathering Together’s mission
  • to teach the community about end of life care issues

We’re investing in organizational support

  • to develop technology solutions for marketing and outreach
  • to create a system for managing data for funding opportunities
  • to better recruit and involve interested volunteers

Board of Directors

Brad DuBois, President

Mary Curl, Secretary

Carrie Abbott

Randy Ebert

Lori Hiatt

Gordie Lucas

Abigail Baker, Vice President

Heather Courtney, Treasurer

Emily Giesel, M.D.

Thomas Fansler

Joan Effinger

Beverly McNeely

Joanna Carter

Rita Fiorentino, Executive Director

Sr. Sharon Bierman

Pamela Altmeyer Alvey

Marcia Gentlemen

Dr. Bob Sexton

Jodi Smith

Our Location

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