Brad DuBois, Board of Directors President, Announces a Matching Funds Donation

 2017 has been a tremendous year at The Gathering Together. We are purchasing a property adjacent to our home and are in the process of making it a showroom and retail spot for the many wonderful crafts that our volunteers have provided. We are blessed to have an anonymous donor who has committed to helping us implement the many capital improvement projects that we expect to have in the coming years; their offer is to make a 1:1 match of any funds donated for our capital improvements campaign up to $50,000! We can’t express how much this will help in moving The Gathering Together toward the future. I hope everyone can find it in their hearts to help us achieve our goals for our home and annex so that we may better serve the community.

(per action of the Board,  all 2017-year-end- donations will be earmarked for the capital campaign unless otherwise designated)