From Rita, With Love

If Love makes the world go ‘round, then Volunteers absolutely keep The Gathering Together spinning!  Sandy and Theresa are taking over the office duties that I never seem to get around to.  Charlie is working with the crafters like a well-oiled machine.  Joan and Laura are streamlining our computer needs.  Bev has instituted an inventory for our crafting efforts.  And Mary keeps us all organized!  Companions are now available to help at all hours of the day and evening, every day of the week.  Compassionate and caring, they are a great support to our weary families (and to me :).

We are so blessed with our volunteers that we’ve initiated a “Volunteer of the Month” program.  When you visit our website,, you can learn more about these devoted friends.  Please consider nominating someone who deserves recognition.

Rita Fiorentino

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