How Did You First Hear About The Gathering Together?

“How did you first hear about The Gathering Together?”  This is a question I like to ask people who volunteer at The Gathering Together.  The answers are all encompassing, from hearing about us through a friend or relative; to being a relative of one of our guests; or simply wanting to give back by watching over families or crafting. In my case the way I heard about The Gathering Together was random and somewhat unique.

 I was looking for work as a public relations specialist in Plainfield. I sent Rita a letter to see if I could help her nonprofit organization and as it turns out I sent the letter not once, but twice. That prompted Rita to call me because she had some needs to promote The Gathering Together so that more people would know about this special place.

When I entered 147 North Center Street to meet with Rita and former Board Vice President Georgia Jones, we sat at the dining room table and chatted over coffee. Georgia explained how the vision of The Gathering Together came to be and how the care provided here is so important to the community. I could tell right away that people would feel at home and be nurtured in peace and with dignity in their final moments.

When Rita and Georgia asked me how much money I wanted in return for my services, the answer was simple. I could not imagine charging these angels a dime for all of the work they do in providing end-of-life care, and at no charge to guests or their families.

So, I went to work writing stories and advertisements and seeking sponsorships and donations for this great organization. It is work that gives me peace of mind, knowing that more people are hearing about The Gathering Together and the special care we deliver to our guests and families.

My hope is that regardless of how people come to hear about us that they help spread the word so that more people may enjoy the benefits we have to offer. I know that there is no place I would rather be at the end of my life and I have met countless volunteers who say the same thing. Word of mouth is perhaps the best way we can share our story with friends, family and colleagues.