With Love, from Rita

I was again reminded by The Threshold Choir that we are all “walking each other home.”  We at The Gathering Together have the special privilege of walking many through their last moments toward home.


It has been an eventful year for me and for The Gathering Together.  We have entertained over thirty families, some small and some large, all needing a little bit more help at journey’s end.  We have had three terrific events to rave reviews and cries for repeat performances.  We have started the process of acquiring the property to our north, thus adding much-needed parking for our guests and creating a space for craft sales.  (We call it “The Shop Next Door” and have scheduled January for our grand opening, so watch for dates and times.)


Our volunteers are hugely responsible for our growth and success.  Devoted companions, prayer partners, crafters, gardeners and tradesmen keep us running smoothly and looking marvelous.  Our monthly partners and sponsors sustain us and make our events possible.


Plainfield and Hendricks County is the perfect place to be.  We are so grateful to our community for their support and encouragement.  We will continue to serve our neighbors with all our hearts.